Box Lunch

Assorted Styles of Boxed Lunches

Assorted Styles of Boxed Lunches

Box lunches starting at $9.50pp minimum of 15ppl. All box lunches includes Sandwich, Salad, Chips and a Dessert. Beverages can be added to the order. Orders can be served on catering trays instead of individual boxes.

Asian box lunches and bentos are also served starting at 10.50ppl minimum of 15ppl.

Please consult our catering team to customize these lunches for you.  Free Delivery within Philadelphia City limits.

Hot Meals

BBQ Pork Bun with Watercress Salad

Having a party or a late business meeting? No problem, let us create specialized meals for you. We can serve meals from simple eats like tacos, spaghetti with meatballs to baked chicken or roast pork with gravy to something more substantial for your diverse palate for example crabmeat stuffed lobsters, lamb chops and steaks.

Contact our catering team to build the right menu for you. We can have it set up so you have a delivery once a month, one a week or even daily.

Complete Event Catering


We can help you with all of your catering needs, pick up, delivery or full set-up service. Needs servers at your event from beginning to end? We can handle it for you. Full service catering at your site has a minimum of 25ppl.

We create catering specials for you, your loved ones and even your loving pets... Contact our catering team to help you plan your next event.