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Anh Vongbandith

My name is Anh and I was born in Vietnam and raised in Hawaii.  I've lived in both Florida and Philadelphia most of my adult life. I've worked in various industries, but started my career in operations management working in hotels and restaurants and even ventured into real estate at one point.  My last job in food service equipment sales came to a halt once I realized how strong my passion for food, friends, family and a sustainable future was. I left my company and partnered up with my good friend and created Das Good Inc. to create great tasting unique eats serving the Philadelphia metro area.

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Savuol Ngo

My name is Savuol Ngo. I am Vietnam-born Cambodian who speaks both languages. I immigrated to the states as a young child and pursued my passion for patient care in the underserved community which led me to my career as a nurse practitioner. However, my second passion has always been food- cooking and sharing delicious meals with people I love. This holds particular value to me as my siblings and I grew up very poor, coming to this country with my family as refugees with nothing more than the clothes on our backs and each other. To me, cooking beautiful food is an expression of gratitude and appreciation for people dear to me. Having met Anh through our love for animals, there was an instant connection when we shared the same happiness for cooking and food. Together, we are Das Good Inc. and we want to bring the same joy of delicious food to other people's hearts and bellies.